The Revengers Podcast

Episode 38- “YEAR ONE Edition- Members of Every RTF Podcast Discuss The Biggest Stories and Trends of Our First Year, And Look To The Future!”

January 15, 2019

For the first show of 2019, and the first official show of Year Two of Revenge of The Fans, the RTF Trinity isn't alone!

It's a special anniversary edition of the show, commemorating the January 15 launch of the Revenge of The Fans last year, so we did our best to have members of all of the podcasts we produced this year. That means you'll get to hear a Revenger Roundtable discussion that includes Mario-Francisco Robles, Vanessa Bontea, Brett Miro, Aaron Virola, and Chris Lisanti- who all represent The Fanboy Podcast, The Revengers Podcast, and The Fanboy Garage!

They discuss the biggest geek news stories from our first year in business, as well what they hope for the future as we enter a new year.

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